Love & Hip Hop New York couple Fabolous and his wife Emily B were spotted last night at Poppy Nightclub partying the night away with their celebrities friends in West Hollywood. 

And the topic of conversation amongst the paparazzi was not the number of celebrities in attendance but - Emily's body.

Emily has always been a voluptuous woman, but in recent weeks her butt has grown to extraordinary proportions. It has reportedly grown to 50 inches.

We know what you're thinking - and people close to Emily swear up and down that her body is 100% natural.

One of Emily's friends told MTO News, "Emily is Puerto Rican and Dominican that's all real."

While we can't confirm or deny the authenticity of Emily's derriere, we can definitely marvel at the sheer size and mass of it all.

Here are pics of Emily and Fab arriving at the event:


Emily and Fabolous are making the rounds on social media and seem to be in a happy relationship, a stark contrast from where they were last year. Just a year ago, Emily reportedly called the police on Fabolous for punching her in the face and knocking her teeth out. He was consequently arrested and charged with domestic assault.

Eventually the charges were dropped, and the couple has apparently decided to continue working on their relationship.