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Hip hop star Fabolous and his longtime girlfriend Emily B are in love - and they are ignoring all the haters. Actually, Fabulous says he's using all the "hate" to fuel his love for Emily.

Fabolous took to Instagram today to explain to the haters that he and Emily are more in love than ever.

That wasn't always the case. Last year, Fab and Emily split up - after Emily called the police on him and alleged that the rapper attacked her. Reports at the time said that Emily was claiming that Fabolous knocked out two of her teeth.

But Fabolous was never found guilty of assault - he plead to a lesser charge and the two have worked on their relationship.

And now they're in a much better place in their relationship.

Here's what Fab had to say:

Oh and haters, Fabolous wants you to stay off his Instagram. In the hashtags on the post, he made it clear that he plans on BLOCKING Y'ALL.