There's a new hit song bubbling on social media - and the banks and credit card companies aren't going to like it.

The song is by a Detroit rapper named Teejayx6 and his song "Dark Web" has more than a million views on social media, in just a couple of days.

The song is catchy, but its lyrics are downright - educational. Teejayx6 describes step by step how to become a scammer.

He explains how to obtain credit card numbers from the "Dark web". How to create fake physical cards and when and how to use them. 

Any person armed with this knowledge that Teejayx6 was spitting in his new song, can easily become a scammer.

Here it is:

But before you go taking this rapper's directions, keep in mind that credit card fraud is a federal crime.

Under federal law it is illegal to use a stolen or fraudulently obtained credit or debit card. The penalties for breaking that law is a $10,000 fine and/or up to ten years in federal prison.