Rapper David Banner Is Being Accused Of KILLING A Man!! (Details)


Rapper David Banner is being accused of killing a man, MTO News has learned. David was involved in a very serious car accident about 9 months ago - where he suffered a massive concussion.

Yesterday a woman took to social media, with some explosive claims however. According to the woman, David's accident involved her brother. And says further that her brother was killed in the accident.

While she doesn't blame David for the accident, she's upset that hasn't reached out and "apologized" for allegedly killing her brother. She also thinks his focus on his concussion and all the things that happened to him is insensitive, given that her brother - the other victim- lost his life.

Here's her full post


My brother did 10 years in prison and came to better his life and take care of his sons 3 months after he came home he was a fatal car accident @davidbanner was the driver of tge other he’s complaining that he still has a concussion but what about my brother who lost his life what about his sons who had to grow up without a father what about the pain we have to deal with on a daily base waking up and realizing he’s really gone it wasn’t just a bad dream and not to mention @davidbanner you knew my brother was dead on the scene and you didn’t try to reach out to us and apologize or anything it’s been almost 9 months and still on apology or nun how could you sleep knowing you killed someone and didn’t do anything about but get it covered up #LLJ🕊❤️ #Justiceforjerem