Rising rapper DaBaby is in the hot seat after his security team allegedly beat a fan so badly that he had to be hospitalized - for asking to take a picture.

The fan was fellow rapper, Don Trag, who asked for a pic before DaBaby took to the stage. According to reports, Trag suffered repeated blows to the head as the brawl spilled out of the nightclub.

“Three big guys, young guys killing each other. They could’ve killed him,” said Trag’s mother, Nerlande Saladin, told CBS. “His neck and head, because they hit him in the head a lot. His eye is all bloodied… It’s just so sad to see my son like that.”

Trag was then rushed to Lawrence General Hospital, where he signed himself out and headed to his mother’s home in Stoughton, where he collapsed hours later. He is currently in hospital.

According to promoter Derek Lemire, DaBaby was paid $22,000 for the show, but he left the venue without performing after the brutal attack, per AllHipHop.

Police are still investigating the incident.