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Rapper DaBaby posted pics of his baby's mother, who he's been in a relationship with now for more than a year.

And women all over social media are praising the rapper, for being with a "brown skin" girl.

There is a perception on social media that all rappers choose to date only light skinned, or exotic looking women. So when a rapper chooses to date a "brown" skinned girl, especially if he's "brown skin" himself, the choice is praised by fans.

And in the case of DaBaby - his choice of women is even more rare. His baby's mother is not an Instagram model, she's just a regular girl with a 9 to 5 . . . that's been holding him down since before the fame.

Here are the two lovebirds:


DaBaby, real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, is a rapper and songwriter. He is best known for the single "Suge", the lead single off his album, Baby on Baby. "Suge" was a commercial success and peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100.

Along with the success of the single, his debut studio album Baby on Baby peaked at number 7 on the Billboard 200.

Speaking with German publication 16Bars, DaBaby told the host that his next album will be called Kirk, which is actually inspired by his legal name. Touching on his family, Baby said that his last name, Kirk, holds massive weight for him. "it's all about confidence and being a leader," he said.

During the interview, he noted that the body of work will be released pretty soon. While we still don't have an exact date, we're sure a lot of his fans will be looking out for any potential news regarding Kirk. Who's excited?