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Rapper Da Baby has been trying to tell y'all that he loves big women. And he wasn't lying.

MTO News has learned that the popular rapper's newest baby's mother is a 300 pound woman from Charlotte, NC.

Da Baby has been going viral for months now - for choosing big women to come on stage to dance with him. He explained to fans that he "prefers" his women BIG. Fans thought that the rapper was just joking - but obviously he was speaking his truth.

Here's Da Baby dancing with a big woman at a concert this past weekend:

So who is his baby's mother? The lovely woman works as a nurse in Charlotte. She and Da Baby have been dating on and off for the last year - and she tells MTO News that she is very happy to be starting a family with the rapper.

Da Baby is currently in a relationship, with his longtime GF though - NOT his new baby's mama. He also has two children from other relationships.

Here's his longtime GF (again, NOT his BBW baby's mama)