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A Charlotte rapper named Da Baby is believed to have shot and killed a man inside the Huntersville Walmart last night, around 8 PM.

According to local reports, Da Baby was grocery shopping in Walmart, when he got into some type of confrontation with a man in the meat section. A fight broke out between Da Baby and the man, and gunshots went off. After the gunfire was over, the man lay dead inside Walmart.

Da Baby was taken into custody, police said, but it's not clear yet whether he will be charged.

Online reports say that Da Baby allegedly pulled out his gun and shot the man. The reports allege that Da Baby then waited for the police to arrive. 

Some are suggesting that Da Baby may have been justified in defending himself. Others are suggesting that the deceased man may have been trying to rob the Houston rapper.

Here is a graphic pic of the man that was shot - warning - GRAPHIC

A month ago, Da Baby had another incident. It went down at a video shoot in Georgia, where some gang members ran up on him, and he held his own. 

Before he was a rapper, the artist formerly known as Baby Jesus, was in the streets. He left that way of life and started rapping when he realized he could impact people's lives through music. Since 2014, Da Baby hasn't looked back, building a growing fan base even though he changed his name.