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Popular hip hop star Da Baby is currently wanted by police in Florida, for brutally slapping a female fan - MTO News has learned.

The incident occurred in Tampa Florida, after the rapper performed at the Wild Splash 2020, at Clearwater’s Coachman Park.

Da Baby had just finished performing and was walking off the stage when a female fan took a close up picture of the rapper, and the phone flashed in Da Baby's eyes.

Bad idea. Da Baby then brutally slapped the woman - appearing to catch her in the head- and hard.

According to social media reports, Da Baby is currently wanted by police for assault and MTO News has reached out to police in Tampa for comment, but has not yet received a response.

Here's the video, of Da Baby violently slapping the woman:

Da Baby. real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, is a rapper and songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is best known for his singles "Suge" and "Bop", peaking at numbers seven[8] and eleven respectively on the Billboard Hot 100.

Unfortunately, Da Baby is no stranger to having trouble with the law. The rapper was recently cited for marijuana possession at a hometown show in Charlotte, and arrested and charged with battery in connection with an alleged robbery last month in Miami.