Rapper Da Baby has been getting into a lot of fights lately. Yesterday he and his security team were caught on film beating up a fan, who asked for the rapper's autograph.

The fan can be heard on the video asking for an autograph or photo, before the rapper's security start beating him senseless. DaBaby and his team initially seemed to ignore the fan's request and continued into the club, where the rapper was booked to perform. 

But that all changed when the fan gently touched the security guard, and all hell broke loose. 

Here's the footage:

Earlier this week, the 27-year-old Da Baby used his Instagram account to upload videos of he and his security guard beating up a fellow Charlotte, N.C. rapper by the name of Cam Coldheart.

Also this week, footage circulated on social media showing DaBaby spitting on an audience member at his concert. 

The rapper was performing on stage when someone decided to throw single dollar bills at him as if he were a stripper. Without really missing a beat, the rapper hacks a loogie at a fan and continues rapping.

On Thursday (May 24), Daily Mail posted a disturbing clip, shot at a different angle by a shocked fan, of the beating victim, Donald Saladin, whose rap name is Don Trag, getting pummeled by DaBaby's alleged crew.

An eyewitness told the Daily Mail, "After I stopped filming, DaBaby was grabbing his [the victim's] stuff and going back and forth to his truck. Finally, the bodyguard pushed the guy so hard he bashed into the wall and was finally knocked out."

Don Trag was eventually rushed to the hospital where he suffered serious injuries to his head, face and ankle. Sources close to the situation also said he was in a coma but was later upgraded to stable condition.

Don Trag's mother, Nerlande Saladin, who is understandably distraught over her son's attack, doesn't understand why the situation got so out of control. "I could've lost my son," she told WCVB.com. "I'm only 49, and I'm not ready to lose my children, none of them. That's why I'm always telling them, 'Don't do stuff that you're not supposed to do.'"