50 Cent did not appreciate being confronted by a fan while out on a date, and looks like he's ready to fight the rapper in the video circling the internet.

New Jersey artist NFL Dume can be seen approaching 50. 50 does not take kindly to being approached and squares up before Dume can be heard asking "You gon' hit me because I'm telling you I got talent?"

The video is not crystal clear, but it seems like 50 was out on a date with 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' cast member, Nikki Nicole. The pair have been seeing each other for a few months now.

Nikki was initially dating 'Black Ink' star and aspiring rapper, Phor. She dumped him after he was caught cheating on Instagram live. What's crazy is... Nikki use to allow other women into the bedroom, so he had no reason at all to step outside of his relationship.

Well, Nikki definitely leveled up!