Rapper Camron Leaks Video 'Spanking' Woman - Twitter Calls It 'Abuse'!!


Rap legend Camron leaked a video yesterday, that he claims was taken a few years ago. In the video Cameron is shown "spanking" a woman who he claims he met while touring in the midwest, MTO News has learned.

According to Camron, he shared this video because he wanted to give his fans some "entertainment." But in the video, Camron is seen spanking the woman's bottom hard and strikes her more than a dozen times - and all in the same spot.

Here is the video:

While, Cameron's trip down memory lane likely provided him some entertainment, many of his followers did not share his enthusiasm. 

Here are some comments from people on Twitter who found the video distasteful:

Camron hit that poor girl in the same spot, that was mean

He took advantage of that girl. That's abuse.

Why would she let herself get beat like that.

I don't like the way that this looks. Not saying its abuse. But it looks bad.