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Rapper Busta Rhymes Lost 70 POUNDS . . . He's No Longer . . . A FAT SLOB!!!


Legendary rapper Busta Rhymes gained a massive amount of weight in recent years. At one point - the 6 foot 1 rapper blew up to more than 300 pounds. In fact he got so big, that people made a MEME out of him.

But that's all changed. MTO News learned that Busta has changed up his diet over the past year - and is eating healthy. He's lost a bunch of weight, and has gained most of his old muscle back.

Yesterday Busta was showing off his new shape in a photoshoot in NYCs Times Square. He looks good for a 46 year old man.


Busta recently did an interview with VIBE magazine where they reported that, "In an age where hip-hop’s underground trap-scene is emerging and clashing with today’s “greats,” Busta is disappointed to find a lack of mentorship taking place between the two parties."

“I come from a time where it was extremely important to garner the respect of the elder statesmen,” he says, dumping a majority of fault on hip-hop’s freshman class before also firing shots at rap veterans. “A lot of motherf**kers running around complaining, talking shit about what these new dudes is doin’, but the question really is what is you older dudes doing to help the new dudes? Outside of popping and shit and being mad at them all the time for what they not doing that you feel they need to do?”

Ultimately, Busta holds the media at fault, claiming that it magnifies the divide between the old and the new. A quote on one end is likely to get disproportionately blown up to create a false narrative that misrepresents an entire generation. That’s why certain artists (and the genre as a whole) is getting snubbed from proper recognition, he says.