Rapper BOW WOW Gives A FULL Interview . . . Talks About Having S*X With Angela Simmons, Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Keyshia Cole And MUCH MORE!!! (Wow He's SNITCHING)


Rapper Bow Wow gave a CRAZY interview yesterday with the homies over at Hollywood Unlocked. Normally men don't SNITCH like he did. If you have time, PLEASE listen to the whole einterview, it's great.

Here are the CLIFFNOTES:

*Spoke to Angela Simmons yesterday.

*He and Angela could never make it official because she was virgin and was saving herself for marriage. He wasn't willing to wait. They've never had sex.

*Everyone thinks that they were in this longterm relationship, but really they never were official. They tried it off and on multiple times but it couldn't work.

*Tried to "crack her code" but he never could. He was never exclusive to her.

*He told her that she would be missing out on Mr. Right if she continued to hold out. He told her that she would either be single forever or that she would have a baby.

*He's not the marrying type.

*Erica Mena was more his speed.

*He and Erica first met during Lottery Ticket. She was supposed to play Teairra Mari's role. He wasn't feeling her like that because at the time; he was seeing some girl in Trinidad.

*They started seeing each other once she hosted 106 & Park.

*Erica didn't get the role because of her heavy accent.

*He and Teairra Mari never had sex.

*He and Erica fell out because she shared the news of their miscarriage and he felt that was too personal.

*He said dudes mess up because they wife up the good girl to appease others when they know they really fuck with the "Nasty girls," so they should really just wife up the "Nasty Girls." That's why Erica got the ring and not anybody else.

*He dates strippers. The girl that he's seeing now is a stripper. He's doesn't do the labels.

*He knew Erica was the one after they turned up in Vegas. They got lit, threw up together and then went to the strip club.

*He never saw the side of Erica that she portrays on TV.

*He told them to ask around about his D size. Said he's never had any complaints.

*He tosses salad. That's the nastiest thing he's ever done. He's freaky.

*He has had his eaten once.

*Karrine told him that he would be in the book before it was released.

*Karrine allegedly said that he was the best she's ever had.

*Karrine taught him how to wash clothes.

*Lost his virginity at 16.

*Anyone woman you've seen him with except for Angela, he's had sex with.

*When he and Ciara were together, they were both learning (sexually).

*Lost his virginity to Esther Baxter.

*He used to always see Kim with Paris, whom he was cool with. Kim never said anything. She would just stand there and look pretty. They somehow got each other's info and were cool for a while. They started seeing each other right before she got with Reggie. They were kicking it heavy. This was like 2007, around the time she did the King Magazine cover. He brought her to a dinner with Usher and Jermaine. Usher was giving him props. Jermaine was telling him that he should go public with her, but he was nervous because he hadn't publicly dated outside of his race. Basically confirmed that they were fucking, but he didn't want to say it because he respects Kanye.

*He and Berg's beef isn't over Karrine or Joie. He made a comment when he first came onto the scene that said, "If Bow doesn't do a song with me, it's fuck him." He confronted him at a bowling alley in Atlanta and he backtracked and said that he only said that because he was on pills.

*He also checked him for posting pictures of Joie when they (Joie & Berg) weren't together at the time.

*He's friends with Berg's current girl.

*Has love for Keyshia.

*They first met when he was dating Ciara. He had an interview with Angie Martinez, and she co-hosted. She was flirting with him on air, and Angie told her that he was taken. They always crossed paths when he was hosting 106, then a year ago, he believes he jumped in her DMs and she gave him her number. They ended up meeting at Warwick and they had a great time. They started kicking it from there. She's one of the sweetest girls he's ever been with. He wishes it didn't end the way it did because they were really cool. He doesn't want to go backwards though.

*On his birthday, Keyshia wanted to do something with him, but his boys ended up surprising him with a party his house. They invited a bunch of girls and they were all over him, and it ended up on Snapchat. He didn't have anything on but a robe. He wasn't really feeling it, and he kept telling his friends that he was about to go to sleep. So he went to his bedroom and went outside to smoke. He looked down and saw something on the car (which was his friend's car.) It was eggs, flour and sugar. They messed up two cars. He didn't know who it was. Then there was a cake outside that said "Happy Birthday Shad" and the Shad part had been messed up. The only reason he thought it was her because the first movie they watched was Thin Line Between Love and Hate. He told her it was his favorite movie. He has no proof though.

*He admits he fucked it up with Keyshia. He was seeing other girls while they were talking, but they weren't exclusive. She was the one that he was spending the most time with though.

*He and Joie aren't meant to be together. They haven't spoken in a year. They just saw each other for the first time at their daughter's Christmas play at school. His daughter has her own cellphone.

*He respects Joie as the mother of his child.

*He has no beef with Future. They've met. He doesn't care who Joie is seeing.

*The tweet had nothing to do with Future and Joie. It was a different situation.