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Rapper Boosie is under fire from people concerned about he food that he gives his children. The rapper went on social media last night and showed his refrigerator and pantry.

Captioning the video, “#WEEATGOOD,” Boosie showed off rows and rows of snacks, including donuts, popcorn, hot cocoa, pickles, peanut butter, Kool-Aid, cookies, chips, crackers, juice and cinnamon rolls.

He even has 4 12-packs of the chicken flavored instant ramen. The only thing he’s missing? Pepto-Bismol.

According to Boosie, his children "eat good." But the pictures told a different story. Boosie's pantry and fridge was filled with processed foods, sugary drinks and snacks.

As the below pics show, you don't see any healthy food anywhere in sight:


Also, there is not a single vegetable anywhere in sight.

People are going in on Boosie - claiming that he is providing a poor diet for his children. Here are some of the comments critical of the rapper:

I just see a bunch if juice-drink and snacks and shyt, proccessed food.

I'm guessing them rolls of ground beef are for some hamburger helper, one of the few perishable items in there.

All that stunting, and no fresh apples, carrots, lettuce, pineapples, bananas, or oranges? 

This what people mean when they say diabetes is generational.

9 times out of 10 when someone has that many sugary drinks in their fridge, they don't drink enough water. People who don't drink enough water got some of the stankest rotting corpse breath I've ever had the displeasure of being assaulted by. Idk why that's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw these pics.

I’m hollering! I’m so done at the quarter waters and Lil Debbie’s.

On the 1-10 ratchet scale this is 100.

Nothing but sugar and empty calories. SMDH