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Los Angeles rapper Blueface was caught on video yesterday, violently kicking his mother and his sister out of his home, all because his side chick got upset with Blueface's mama.

Blueface, who became popular for his hit song Thotiana, has a number of girlfriends - 4 to be exact. All the girls know about each other, and agree to share the rapper.

Yesterday one of his girlfriends -  a 20 year old model named Angela - came over to Blueface's home and refused to greet his mother. The mother went off on Andrea for being disrespectful in their home.

Blueface lives in a Los Angeles mansion, with his mother and sister, and various girlfriends.

When it all popped off between Blueface's mom and the side chick, Blueface sided with the side chick, over his own mama. He violently threw them both out of the Los Angeles home that they share.

Luckily his mom recorded and Livestreamed the encounter. Here is the video:

Here's Blueface's sister explaining how the rapper broke his mother's phone as he was throwing them out:

Surprisingly Blueface then took to Instagram - and called his mother and sister "clout chasers" for posting video of him throwing them out of their home:

Here's his sister's response to Blueface calling their mom a "clout chaser":

Blueface was not having a great start to his weekend last week -- cops pulled him over in his luxury sports car and apparently slapped handcuffs on him ... and we got video as it was going down.

The "Thotiana" rapper was pulled over Friday afternoon in his black Porsche. TMZ obtained this video of Blueface sitting on the curb with his hands behind his back.