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Rapper Bluface was captured on camera jumping into a brawl at a concert in Santa Cruz, California.

During his show at The Catalyst, the rapper performed "Shotta Flow" when a group of people off to the side of the stage started arguing and then swinging on each other per TMZ.

Blueface then halted his performance, left the stage, and walked towards the commotion. It's unclear as to whether he planned to fight too, or whether he was just trying to break up the fight - but his security team did their job and pulled him away from the melee.

No injuries or arrests have been reported as yet, but following the fight, Blueface ended his concert and dipped.

It's probably wise to avoid the drama in the meantime as the rapper just had felony gun charges against him dropped.

His attorney Alex Kessel told TMZ, "Video evidence demonstrated the police misidentified Blueface possessing a gun. Justice prevails through video evidence, a fair judge, and a bulldog attorney. A rapper prevails on the merits of the case, not his celebrity status."