Last week, Los Angeles rapper Blueface made news after a transgender claimed that Blueface approached him for s*x on social media.

The Cali rapper denied the transgender's claims, but now another gay man is claiming that Blueface slid into his DMs.

According to social media reports, Blueface allegedly "paid" the transgender to delete all evidence of their interaction. And afterwards tried to go after a gay man named Nova.

Here's the social media rumor:


After the rumor went viral, Nova took to social media, and appeared to confirm it. Here's the man's response:

To make matters worse, just yesterday Blueface was caught making "transphobic" remarks as reported by Pitchfork. "On Wednesday, February 20, the Los Angeles rapper posted an alleged conversation with a transgender woman to his Instagram Story. He commented, β€œIf you think I linked up wit this tranny you smokin dicc πŸ˜‚.” Subsequently, Blueface referred to the transgender woman as β€œit,” writing in capital letters, β€œβ€˜It’ tryed [sic] to get me wit all these dicc succing videos not happening that’s out πŸ˜‚ β€˜IAm [sic] a boy Daymon.’”

Blueface, real name Jonathan Porter, is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. In October 2018, after releasing his song "Respect My Crypn", Blueface became a viral internet meme due to his off-beat style of rapping and high-pitched voice. In November 2018, he signed to the West Coastbranch of Birdman's Cash Money Records. 

His career really took off this year when he released the song Thotiana.