Rapper Black Youngsta's SIDE CHICK . . Got His Face . .. Tatted On Her STOMACH!!!

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Rapper Blac Youngsta has a group of women that are COMMITTED to him. One of his ladies is so committed that she tatted the rapper's face on her stomach.

Women love the "Booty" rapper, and he's put himself out there to be empowering women and even giving out free booty's.

“I’m actually gonna do something with Dr. Miami,” Blac Youngsta told HHDX at the time. “I’ma actually pay for someone to have surgery. I wanna have like a ‘Build-A-Woman’ contest for someone who really wants it. They can have a chance to experience a big ole booty booty booty. I’ma pay for their surgery. We’re still trying to figure out the qualifications. We’re trying to figure it out now [with] the legal team so I can’t get sued if something goes wrong.”

The rapper landed his first Billboard Top 100 placement with the single, but he's never short of cash. Videos of him holding stacks and racks constantly go viral and fans and groupies alike are showing their love to their icons more permanently these days, by getting inked. What happened to just getting an autograph?

And she's just a side chick so she won't be around forever, Did she take her admiration a step too far? What happens when he moves on to the next?