Rapper Blac Younsta INJURED IN TWERK ACCIDENT . . . His Back GAVE OUT!! (Vid)

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Rapper Blac Youngsta was reportedly injured on stage - in what is being described as a twerk accident. The Memphis rapper invited a woman onto stage with him - and he ended up injuring his back.

MTO News learned that Blac Youngsta injured two of his vertebrae dancing on stage two nights ago. And there's a video of the incident:

The rapper is known for bringing woman on stage. But according to one of Blac Youngsta's family members - the Memphis rapper got more than he could handle on Saturday night. The insider explained, "[Blac Youngsta's] homies held him up while that girl was jumping on him twerking. It messed up his back.

We're told that Blac Youngsta is NOT expected to miss any appearances - and he's not letting the back injury slow him down either. MTO News insider explained, "His back is messed up, but Hennesey fixes it right up."

We're not sure that's good medical advice - but we like Blac Youngsta's professionalism.

In other news, Blac Youngsta recently went on a Instagram tyrade, sharing his feelings for people in his life who may be only using him because of his success. HotNewHipHop reports that:

Youngsta shared a message directed to anybody he hasn't spoken to between the span of one day to one year.

Beginning the video by stuttering over his words, Youngsta said, "B-tches, if I ain't talked to you in a year, that means I do not fuck with you no more, wh-re." Continuing his PSA, the rapper exclaimed, "If I ain't talked to you in six months, don't even call 'cause I don't plan on talking to you. So, be prepared for me not to call you, wh-re." Youngsta notes that if he hasn't spoken to you in a month, he still fucks with you, he's just really busy. Ending off his talk by claiming "gang shit," the "Booty" singer says that anybody that wants to talk should call him tomorrow because he won't pick up today.