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Rapper Blac Youngsta is going viral today. He pulled out a Draco machine gun in the middle of his concert - and pointed it at some rival Crip gang members.

Here is a video of Blac Youngsta & The Draco

The incident occurred at a concert in Charleston, South Carolina.

Blac Youngsta was performing in front of a sold out crowd. A group of men - believed to be associated with the Crips gang - began threatening the rapper, and throwing trash ons stage.

But Blac Youngsta didn't allow the goons to shut down his concert. The Memphis rapper continued rapping, but he made sure that he had his protection.

One of his homies passed him a Draco machine gun, and Black Youngsta pointed it at his rivals.

The Crips realized they were out-gunned, and quickly ran out of the venue.

Luckily no shots were fired, and no one was injured. And surprisingly, Blac Youngsta finished his performance.

Here is a video of Blac Youngsta & The Draco