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Rapper Bhad Bhabie is the latest celebrity to be targeted by a Hong Kong speaking engagement scam, which promised the teen $450k for a speaking engagement - but it's all actually a hoax.

According to TMZ, Bhad Bhabie and her team were contacted by people purporting to be from the office of Peter Woo -- a billionaire Chinese businessman -- offering her a massive payday to make a quick speech at a charity event in Hong Kong.

According to her team, they wanted her to cash the check, which was for $450k and send them back $300,000 while keeping the rest - which would raise the red flag for most people.

According to the news outlet, Bhabie sent a wire upon receipt of the check, sending them just $0.01 with this memo, "SUCK MY D***. LOVE, BHAD BHABIE."

Apparently famous bounty hunter, Dog, was also targeted in a similar scam.