Rapper Beanie Sigel Claims 2000s RAPPER Oschino . . . Is SECRETLY GAY!! (Tea Inside)

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Philly rappers Oschino and Beanie Sigel have been BEEFING now for a couple of years. The two were both members of the 2000s Rocafella group State Property. At the time both artists - who have STREET CREDENTIALS - were seen as two of the best artists ever produced from Philly.

Well last night, their beef turned to TEA spilling. Beanie, who has known Oschino for years - is claiming that he's living a secretly gay lifestyle. And Beanie has some receipts that h e claims prove his story:


But Oschino claims that Beanie is using FAKE NEWS to try and undermine the Philly goons reputation. According to Oschino he has never lived a secret life - EVER. And he says he is also NOT gay. Here's Oschino's response:


What's strange is that the two rapper's beef has been reignited. According to VladTV, the pair had squashed their beef back in February, but it seems like that was for the cameras because they're back at it again. 

VladTV's February report read that:

Oschino posted a picture to his verified Instagram account with him and Sigel together.

The caption read, "Sometimes all it takes is some honest conversation." The two artists were both once signed to Roc-a-fella Records, and members of the iconic group State Property. Over the last few years, they've had a public war of words over money and perceived lack of loyalty. To the surprise of most hip-hop fans, the two claimed that they were never as close as people thought, and most of the group was put together after they signed record deals.

According to Oschino, Beanie cheated other members of the group out of money for years. A claim that Beanie repeatedly denied. Regardless, looks like it's all water under the bridge now.

It doesn't seem like there's a resolution to their new issue in sight.