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The popular south Florida Baby Soulja was arrested in Palm Beach County on Friday, and reports say that he was caught with a military grade grenade launcher.

The arrest reports states that the rapper was arrested and charged with 3  felonies - one which is  shooting a grenade launcher. 

According to social media reports, Baby Soulja was allegedly showing off his new weapon to his friends and the rapper shot the grenade launcher at an abandoned building, or as they call it in the streets a "bando." 

No word on yet on what Baby Soulja’s bail is or if he will be getting out anytime soon. Check out his mugshot and arrest report out below.


In case you're wondering, owning a grenade launcher is legal in Florida - with some exceptions.

Classified by the National Firearms Act as a destructive device, a grenade launcher is legal in the State of Florida, as long as the owner correctly registered the weapon and passed the necessary background checks. 

Once you legally own a grenade launcher, however, owners are not allowed to fire anything more explosive than flares. 

In 2005, when Seattle police were tipped off about a rocket launcher seen in a car, they promptly called the bomb squad and then confiscated the weapon – although they later confirmed that it was unloaded and therefore legal to possess.