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Rapper/Actress Lil Mama Shows Off Her New NOSE JOB . . . She Looks WAY DIFFERENT!!


Lil Mama has a new nose job. And we got the pics.

The 28 year old raper turned actress is doing a lot to re-brand her career - and develop into a mainstream actress. Lil Mama burst on the scene as a teenage rap star. Now she's developed into a full fledged actress.

But something else has changed - besides Lil Mama's career. She's got a new nose.

We have some before and after pics of Lil Mama, and the change is pretty dramatic. Some are even suggesting that she "took off too much" with her latest nose job. You can look at the above picture to see whats he USED TO look like.

Here's what she looks like now:


In other news, Lil Mama recently EMBARRASSED herself at the recent BET Awards because she didn't know who Anita Baker was. . . here's what they reported:

It’s not often—if ever—that you can run into a music icon like R&B and smooth jazz soulstress Anita Baker and not recognize her. 

But that was the case for New York rapper Lil Mama at the 2018 BET Awards, which Anita understood since her wardrobe sort of hindered the “Lip Gloss” artist from being able to see her full identity. But after Anita shared the story on live television, fans had actual tears over her recollection of the incident.

The “Caught Up In The Rapture” songstress explained that she’d seen a young lady who is a “veteran rapper in the business,” but this woman didn’t know who Anita was at the time. She understood though, considering that her hat might have veiled her face a bit. More than likely, however, the case was that many fans believed Ms. Anita was referring to Nicki Minaj, given her description of her.

“Later on, we ran into each other and she was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ and it was Lil Mama,” she recalled in a clip posted to The Shade Room. The fan recording Anita’s recollection of her and Lil Mama’s run-in burst into a fit of laughter afterward, as other commenters assumed it was Nicki she was referring to.

“Girl, I thought she was talking about Nicki Minaj, no lie,” one Instagram user wrote among the nearly 5,000 comments on the post.