Popular up and coming rapper ABG Neal was recently robbed by a rival rapper named Envy Caine and a crew of Gangster Disciples. But police won't have to look too far for the evidence of this robbery.

That's because Envy Caine livestreamed the robbery to thousands of his fans.

ABG Neal is a local up and coming rapper from New York City with a growing buzz in the streets. And yesterday, he was ambushed by Envy Caine, a rival Brooklyn rapper.

During the ambush, ABG Neal appeared to have been robbed of his money and his $1,000 Balenciaga sneakers.

Here's the video of the attack:

In the video, you can hear one of Envy Caine's goons ask whether ABG Neal was a member of the GDK gang, which is short for Gangster Disciples Killer. Envy is affiliated with the Gangster Disciples gang - who are bitter rivals to the GDK gang.

No word yet on whether any action will be taken against Envy Caine or any of his goons.