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Male Rapper 42 Dugg 'Got A Fat Booty'; According To GF!! (Pics)

Rapper 42 Dugg is back in the headlines after his ex-girlfriend's rant, her claim that he has a "fat booty," went viral.

Jazmin Re' Nae and the rapper recently split.

"I can't argue with no n*gga that's thicker than me," Re' Nae says on camera. "I'm not about to keep doing that. I'm not arguing with no fat booty n*gga. Like I could sit a cup on that bitch. I could sit a cup on that ass."

She continued,

"I'm not doing this no more -- This is bitch sh*t because he tried to really sabotage my character and think this gon' make n*ggas not want to f*ck with me and all that. So I had to sell the real tea."

After catching wind of her rant, Dugg hopped on Instagram Live to clown her.

"You got f*cked on an air mattress, bitch," he responded.

Does he not own a bed?