Rapper 2KBaby Gets Robbed On Instagram: Thugs Livestream The Robbery!!


A popular upcoming rapper named 2KBaby got violated in the worst way. MTO News learned that while in Orlando, local thugs caught the rapper slipping - and stole all his jewelry.

And the goons who robbed the rapper wanted the world to know what they did. So they posted a video that showed robbing the rapper - but they quickly removed the video likely realizing that they were posting what could be incriminating evidence against themselves.

But they weren't done, they then replaced the robbery video with one showing the them posing with 2KBaby's jewelry. 

2KBaby is a popular rapper from Louisville, Kentucky. He is best known for his singles "Old Streets" and "Dreaming"

He first gained recognition after he scored a viral hit when he performed a freestyle of a song he later titled "Old Streets" that went viral. He followed up the viral performance by releasing a fully produced music video for the song in 2019.