Rapper 21 Savage Has MOVED ON From Amber . . . His New GF . . . Is A THICK COUGAR!! (PICS)

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Rapper 21 Savage is officially OVER Amber Rose. But he hasn't moved on from OLDER THICK EXOTICAL WOMEN.

MTO News obtained a pic of the woman who he's dating now - she's biracial, thick, and 36 years old. That's a full DECADE older than Amber's ex.

21 Savage is actually 25 years old. The Atlanta rapper is probably attracting a lot of attention because of his newly single status.

Right not the two are trying to keep their relationship on the low. But folks managed to snap screenshots.

His new girl must like 21's slim size quiet all right though.


Earlier this week we reported that Amber Rose's ex has lost a BUNCH of weight lately. It's not clear whether it's through exercise, stress, or some other reason. But the gangster rapper now weighs less than most average sized women. Don't get it f*cked up though - 21 is definitely about that life. He's been known to carry a gun with him at virtually ALL TIMES.

And Amber is having a difficult time with dating because of her former HOE status. Apparently the SLUT WALK founder has too many miles on her so it's been very difficult for her to find a man.

21 and Amber dated for less than a year. When things ended Rose said, "I really love him. I miss him. I think about him every day.” She continued, “I can’t say that I’m single because in my heart I still love him. My heart is still with him.”