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Rape Survivor Decides To 'TAKE BACK HER DIGNITY' . . . By Posting NEKKID PICTURES . . . On Social Media!! (PICS)

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When Suzie Larson was just 13 years old, a family member tried to s*xually assault her, talked 'graphically' about her body and later tried to rape her.

Suzie, who is from Georgia, managed to make it through the ordeal - but she had a lot of scars, all on the inside.

Over the next six years, Suzie, who is now 25, was raped by three different men. The abuse crushed her self-esteem and caused her to develop an eating disorder as well as suicidal thoughts from the age of 15.

Now she's decided to TAKE BACK her dignity - in typical 21st-century fashion. She's posing NEKKID on social media.

Suszie claims, "I began therapy and started learning words for my abuse. It hurt because I'd kept it in my whole life, then suddenly everything was inside out," she added.

"I began feeling stronger, I decided to come out to family and friends about my abuse. It was a very hard decision because I didn't know how everyone would react, but I wanted them to know the real me.

"From there I think I began to have the confidence to reclaim my body. Showing my body, whether nude or clothed, is a way of releasing it from the pain and shame.

"I believe women deserve to be able to feel worthy, beautiful, strong and loved. No matter what size you are, you deserve to love your body exactly how it is. Embracing the little imperfections as parts of yourself is something that makes you uniquely you.

Here are some of the pics:

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