BEEF!!! 21 Savage's GOONS . . . Tried To MURDER Nip$ey Hustle . . . Shootout! (DETAILS)

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A shooting occurred in East Atlanta this weekend, and it may end up causing one of the biggest beefs in MODERN HIP HOP HISTORY.

The alleged beef is between Atalanta rapper 21 Savage (who's known for BUSSING HIS GUNS) and Nip$ey Hu$tle, a certified OG in Los Angeles.

It all started when 21's homies asked Nip$ey and rapper E40 to "check in" and pay extortion money, before they performed in Atlanta. Nip$ey and E40 refused to pay - and that's when things went left.

According to the streets, 21 Savage's goons tried to ASSASSINATE Nip$ey at the event.

Here's the story - right from a street dude.

What's interesting though is that earlier this month TMZ reported that Nipsey was defending 21, so we don't know where the beef came from over the last three weeks.

TMZ said that:

Nipsey Hussle is calling for a public ass-whoopin' of hip-hop blogger DJ Akademiks ... in response to Akademiks ripping into 21 Savage. Nipsey was on New Hip Hop News podcast with Tariq Nasheed Wednesday when he went off about Akademiks criticizing 21's decision to stop blowing his money on jewelry, and start investing.

Nipsey applauds 21's shift, but he's pissed at Akademiks' reaction -- which seemed to belittle Savage for being off-brand -- and says the blogger needs to get "f***ed up" for saying such things. Especially because Savage's new outlook is nothing but a good influence on his followers.