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Ramona Singer Apologizes For Exposing Leah McSweeney's Bipolar

Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer has apologized for exposing cast member, Leah McSweeney's bipolar status during a recent episode of the show.

On the show, she revealed that one of Leah's friends had told her about her condition.

"They go, 'Ramona listen, this Leah girl, she writes a blog and on a blog she says she's bipolar,' " she said. "That explains it all!" Singer said on the show.

Ramona was remorseful during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

"Absolutely," Singer said when asked by Cohen exposing Leah's personal business. "I actually feel that Leah, the fact that she was able to write this article showed so much courage and guts and I just wish her the best on her journey," she said of an old article penned by Leah.

She also apologized on Twitter:

"It was never my intention to shame Leah about her mental health issues. I understand its her story to tell. Takes a lot of courage & strength for her to go public in an article about her struggles, which I admire. I only wish her well & want to help support her in the right way."