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According to a new report, New Edition star Ralph Tresvant sang many of the lead parts to the hit sing  “Every Little Step” because Bobby Brown was allegedly "too high" to sing on the recording. 

That accusation is coming from Bobby’s former manager, Marty Machat.

Ralph and Bobby were extremely good friends back when "Every Little Step' was recorded and, according to Marty - who claims that he witnessed this first hand- Ralph ended up finishing the song. 

“Every Little Step” released in 1988 and was one of the biggest hits off his 7-million-copy-selling Don’t Be Cruel album. 

Marty explained:

Drugs were part of the make-up of the [Don't Be Cruel] album. Bobby was missing from the studio when we were scheduled to finish ‘Every Little Step’.

He was on a drug run and New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant was waiting for him. Babyface and L.A were about to leave, so Ralph filled in.

‘Every Little Step’ has two singers. Bobby and Ralph. Go back and listen to the lead vocals. Then listen to Ralph.”

HOLY CRAP!!! We listened, and it does sound like Ralph sang the first verse of the song, and Bobby sang the rest.

Here is the song and video:

Bobby Brown has been known for his drug abuse in the past, so being too high to record the lead doesn't come at any surprise. Thank goodness for Ralph Tresvant's vocals or we may not have gotten this classic tune.