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Rah Digga has claimed that Nicki Minaj is the only female rapper who is not fully open to collaborate with other female rappers.

“Females were clearly not getting along in my era too. This isn’t something that just started. Chicks been not rocking. But, I think at the end of the day there was always still this underlying understanding that even if we don’t fuck with each other, we gonna rock with each other. Cause this is how we keep the genre moving," she said referencing remarks made back in 2017 when she claimed that one female rapper doesn't collaborate but did not name the individual.

She added:

“When Nicki Came along, it was like, why don’t you have the same energy as the rest of us?”

Watch the interview with Rah Digga below.

Nicki recently featured Foxy Brown on her 'Queen' album, but considering her career has spanned for well over a decade - has she worked with many female rappers?