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Love & Hip Hop: New York alum and Nicki Minaj bestie Rah Ali has spoken out about her beef with Cardi B's best friend, Star Brim.

The fight was thrown back into the headlines after Cardi's bestie, Brim, threatened to lay hands on Rah when they see her because she attacked Cardi at a Harper's Bazaar event last year.

On her Keepin' It Bute podcast back in August, Brim said the following of Rah:

"Listen, let me tell you something. If I was at that shit, I would have spanked Rah. If I see Rah right now, I'll still spank Rah. So it really don't matter. And if I could have got to Nicki, you feel me, then it would have went down too but that b*tch is well-protected. It would not have went down the way it went down."

Rah had some words for Brim:

"In all honesty, I feel like when you actually have a real, authentic beef with someone, the last thing you really want to do is kinda give them notification," Rah said, seemingly unbothered.

"You don't wanna kinda inform your opponent that there's a beef. But if you're doing it for attention or for exactly what you got here which is a headline, then I think she did whatever she needed to do to gauge interest in herself. Whatever you gotta do, baby, you know. Whatever you gotta do."