The mother of Rae Sremmurd has addressed the shocking murder of their step-father, allegedly at the hands of the half-brother.

Bernadette Walker opened up to PEOPLE about the death of her ex-husband Floyd Sullivan who was allegedly gunned down by their 19-year-old son Jamil Ali Sullivan.

According to Walker, Jamil, who is also known as "Michael" suffers from schizoaffective disorder.

"I'm not going to say that, 'Something like this was unexpected,'" Walker shared. "Of course even though it wasn't unexpected, you still don't expect it. He has threatened me multiple times. This very well could've been me. He has shot guns more than once."

She continued: "It was very complicated — they had a very complicated relationship. It was sort of heartbreaking, but I felt like the only hope I had was that Floyd would somehow get through to him. But I think Floyd carried on with his own life and Michael just didn't understand. It's very complicated."

She also revealed that her son had regular violent outbursts over the years, especially when he's not on his meds.

Walker also gave an update on how her sons, Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi, were holding up.

"It's been a few days, and everybody's trying to give them space and let them process what happened," she told PEOPLE. "It's still unbelievable. They're making funeral arrangements and everything. They're broken but they have to keep on because obviously they still have obligations. They're just dealing with it as best they can."