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Racist Woman Calls Blacks On Washington DC Bus 'N-Word' ... Ends Up Bloodied On Sidewalk


A racist woman in Washington DC was beaten to a BLOODY PULP, for using the N Word on a crowded bus.

MTO News obtained shocking footage that was taken on the X2 bus in Washington DC. The X2 bus was traveling towards Minnesota Avenue NE.

A racist woman got into an argument with a group of girls on the bus, and called the girls the "N Word." The bus was full of African Americans - many took offense to what the racist lady said.

The next shot on the video, shows the lady lying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood. 

The X2 bus line runs from what appears to be the gentrified part of the city and ends up in the hood. Despite all the changes in Washington DC, the nation's capital is not as gentrified as some people want you to believe. 

Here is the graphic video: