'RACIST' White Man (Justin) Is NOT Biological Father Of McClure Twins!! ('REAL' Dad Pics)

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The McClure Twins are NOT Justin's biological children - the Youtube couple have been HIDING the fact that they are a blended family from their viewers. The McClure Twins - Alex and Ava are adorable kids who BLEW UP on Youtube. They have a million followers on their channel.

MTO News just got its hands this JUICY TEA yesterday, and the tea was spilled by Ami herself. In a recent video - where the couple is trying to deal with the AFTERMATH of Justin getting caught making RACIST remarks about Black people, Ave explained how the couple met.

To refresh your memory, Justin said on Twitter a while ago:

"Black people can't say 'ask' but they have no trouble saying Cadillac Escalade," Justin McClure wrote in one tweet.

In another tweet, he said black woman name their children names like "Chandelier, Lasagna, Constellation," and "Walgreens."

Ami told fans in the video, "I met Justin in 2014." That's significant because  the twins turned 5 on Thursday - which would make their birthday July 12, 2013. If what Ami is saying is true - the twins are NOT Justin's biological kids.

So who is the twins "real" father? Well it's not entirely clear - but MTO News learned that Ami was married to ANOTHER MAN in 2012 - just a year before the Twins were born. And that man - who is also White - bears a striking resemblance to the twins.

Here is a pic of Ami and her ex-husband - at their engagement party:


And here is a pic of Ami's ex, and the "McClure Twins" . . . or should we start calling them the "Pestka Twins."