Racist Troll Allegedly Caught And Stabbed MULTIPLE TIMES On IG Live!! (Graphic)

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A racist troll was allegedly caught after making disparaging remarks about Black people Then the alleged racist was beaten and stabbed multiple times - and the entire incident was live-streamed over Instagram.

According to multiple social media reports, the person making the racist comments was a 23-year-old from outside of London.

Somehow the young man's name and address began circulating online - and a group of Black men from his neighborhood pulled up with knives.

And they went to work on the alleged racist.

Here is the video, warning it is extremely graphic:

Knife attacks are growing at a record pace in the United Kingdon. There were 43,516 knife crimes in the 12 months ending March 2019.

This is an 80% increase from the low-point in the year ending March 2014, when there were 23,945 offenses, and is the highest number since comparable data was compiled.