'Racist' St Louis Man Shoots At Black Neighbor 20 Times!! (Graphic Video)


A St. Louis man was shot at more than 20 times by his neighbor who repeatedly called him the "n-word," and the entire incident was captured on video. 


MTO News has confirmed that 38-year-old Adam Harrington - who we’re told considers himself ‘White’ - has been arrested and charged with shooting at his African American neighbor, Rashon Cole.

Here is the link to the video - warning GRAPHIC

According to Rashon, the events unfolded when he was walking home from work, and his neighbor, Adam Harrington, said "hello" to him. Rashon claims that he "didn’t speak back" to Adam because he was "tired from work." That caused Adam to fly into a rage.

The two began arguing for about 15 minutes, then Adam appears to have pulled a gun on Rashon. In the video, Adam can be seen pointing a gun in Rashon's face and threatening to "shoot" him. Adam also called Rashon a "n*gg*r" at least 3 times.

Here's what Rashon's sister claims happened next:

[Adam] started firing rounds at my brother and after the clip was empty in the pistol he then grabbed his revolver and STARTED FIRING MORE. Thankfully my brother was able to run from in front of his car just in time. As you can see there are several bullet holes in the car not to mention the emotional and mental trauma my brother is going through. 

This isn’t his first time being racially profiled because of his color and unfortunately it won’t be the last. We’re thankful to no one but God that he was able to walk away untouched. 


Adam has been arrested and charges are pending - but Rashon has been told that Adam is expected to be charged with attempted murder. Interestingly, police characterize Adam’s race as ‘Black’ on the arrest report.

She also set up a Gofundme, to get Rashon a new car.


Here is the link to the video - warning GRAPHIC