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'Racist' Latina Ends Up LOSING HER FINGER . . . After Using The 'N Word'!! (GRAPHIC Pics)


A Latina from Florida is suffering today - after having most of her index finger CHOPPED OFF. Some people are saying that losing her finger was "karma" because the woman was accused of being a "racist" earlier in the same day.

The woman, a pretty girl named Meli was accused of being racist for using the N Word on twitter. Meli, who grew up around Black people in south Florida defended herself against claims of racism. Her is some of the back and forth that Meli posted after people accused her of being a racist:


But a few internet detectives did a quick search of Meli's Twitter history and discover that she posted other things on social media that looked a lot more "racist." Here's what they found about the girl:


And almost as quickly as the old tweets were posted, Meli has a terrible accident. She was trying to break up a fight between her two dogs, and her pinky was ripped off. Meli posted pics o the gruesome injury. The pics immediately went viral, with some commentators saying that losing her finger was "karma" for her alleged racism.

Here are the pics: