Racist College Student Who Posed In BLACKFACE At 'KKK Party' . . . Found DEAD!!!

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A racist college student was found dead - nearly one year after he was EXPOSED for wearing Blackface at a KKK PARTY.

Andrew Stanham, 22, was found dead in the shower of his home in Australia on Wednesday.

Andrew became an international pariah after he was caught - attending a Nazi party while at college at Charles Sturt University. He was exposed online - and harassed for supporting and being affiliated with HATEFUL Nazi and White Supremacist beliefs.

People were quick to condemn the photographs after they were shared online, with CSU suspending a number of the students involved.

One of the pictures that caused the most outrage (the one that Andrew participated in) showed a group of five people dressed up as the Ku Klux Klan surrounding a man painted in blackface and holding a bowl of cotton.

The picture was captioned: “Very very politically incorrect. Cotton prices are unreal thought so it’s a great time to be pickin’.”

Each year MILLIONS of Black and brown people around the world are terrorized and killed by White supremacists. The same people that Andrew supports.

Byt Andrews father, Mark Stanham, said Andrew had been targeted by social justice warriors online and was left terrified by abuse received from trolls.

'I think we do have a situation where political correctness has gone too far,' Mr Stanham said, ignoring the horrible TERROR that White supremacists deliver around the globe.

'The jury is out on the cause of death, we suspect it was an epileptic seizure which resulted in a fall which led to a compromised airway. There is no doubt that stress is a contributing factor.'

Mr Stanham said his son had 'copped a lot of vitriol' and was 'petrified to walk down the streets of [Australia].'