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Rachel Roy is coming out swinging in her custody battle with Dame Dash over their 11-year-old daughter and has accused Dame of using drugs around their children.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Dash is seeking to change his current custody deal with Roy for their daughter Tallulah, stating that his daughter wants to spend more time with him. Dame also says that his workload has decreased, so he now has more time to spend with her. 

 He now wants joint legal and physical custody.

Dame has also accused Roy of being intoxicated with the daughter in the car, putting her life at risk. The fashion designer has responded to his allegations by claiming that the outspoken mogul smokes marijuana around their children. Roy accuses him of being abusive as well as negligent and is fighting against the joint custody filing.

According to Dame, he has done “everything in my power to rehabilitate from the past.”