Rachel Dolezal Has a New HUSTLE . . . Doing WEAVES . . . At Her Kitchen Table!! (PICS)


Remember Rachel Dolezal - the White woman who tried to pretend she was Black. Well, Rachel has a new hustle - running a hair salon out of her kitchen.

Rachel is advertising her services on social media - to women in Spokane, Washington.

And it looks like Rachel does pretty good work, at affordable prices.

Rachel does have a Netflix documentary coming next month, called The Rachel Divide - and people are not happy about it. Why do these mega platforms keep giving her so much attention and what's even worse is that she has involved her children.

"Rachel Dolezal’s choice to play pretend in black culture has now destroyed the lives of two black children. And instead of her pulling back, she throws them in front of a camera hoping for another check. I really can’t with this white woman," somebody tweeted.

Another person tweeted: "I feel so bad for Rachel Dolezal's son, in that Netflix teaser. This woman is raising black children, and essentially causing them undue stress by adding her whole media circus around her racial fetishization. She should've faded into the background and let her kids be kids."

Yes. Trans-racial Dolezal has caused much controversy, but she is sticking with her decisions. And her hair skills aren't bad at all. Take a look!