R Kelly's UNDERAGE 'Victim' . . . Wrote GRAPHIC Tell-All BOOK!! (Read)

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One of the young women who claims R Kelly used her as a "s*x slave" has written a tell-all book. The young woman, who wrote the book under a fake name, described in detail her relationship with R Kelly.

And some readers are calling the relationship "consensual". They're also suggesting that the young lady was finessed into getting into a "freak" relationship.

The young lady claims that she was 16 years old when she met R Kelly, and they quickly entered into a s*xual relationship. She claims that she fell in love with the R&B singer.

But the young lady goes into graphic details about their encounters, in a way that many feels "glamorized" the relationship.

All in all, the book describes a very inappropriate relationship between a young woman and R Kelly.

Here's what she wrote in the prelude:

It was his. It is his! I still smell his scent. I still hear his voice; his footsteps. I still feel his body on top of mine. I wake up in cold sweats from dreams about him.. the pleasure; the terror. I may never understand how I can still be in love with the very thing that brought me so much pain, be pissed whenever I hear others speak ill of his name yet have moments of disgust all the same time.

Picture: admiring, crushing and lusting over a man for over a decade, and then finally meeting him, sleeping with him, living with him and meeting all of his personalities: The Lover, The Jokester, The Genius, The Innocent Child, The Abused/Scared Child, The Insecure/Resentful Man, The Demon, The Freak; roll them all into one and there you have YOUR MAN. This was the man I idolized. He was no cake walk. There was so much pain behind the talent, the smile, the front. There was so much that nobody knew. I knew though.

The book is currently being offered online for free, you can read it here: