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R. Kelly's daughter, Jaah Kelly came out as a trans male four years ago, has opened up about her experience of coming out to the public.

Jaah appears to be more comfortable, and the interview was remarkably candid.

"I believe I am a boy and want surgery and the medication to help me be who I was supposed to be," Jaah explained to PAPER.

Jaah explained that he knew he was trans when he was just six or seven years old, and that his mother, Drea Kelly, was incredibly supportive. "[My mom] was like, 'Baby, you know I love you if you were bi, gay, [lesbian], you name it, and I would still love you so much."

"I remember when Jaah first came out to me when she was 10 years old. She thought, 'Oh Mama, I was scared to tell you because I didn't think you would love me," Drea recalls. "But the unconditional love of a mother is like that of God. There is nothing you could do to earn it and there is nothing you could ever do to lose it. I told her, 'I love you because you're mine, not because of your orientation. I'm always gonna be here to protect you.' Meantime, live that best life, and live it out loud and in color. Who gives a damn what anybody else thinks?"

Like her father, Jaah is also heavily into music: