Joyselyn Savage is best known as the 24 year old longtime girlfriend of R. Kelly - and now she's speaking out against the incarcerated singer.

Joyselyn went on Instagram for the first time in over two years, and she dropped some BOMBS on her fans. 

But the story is not free. Joyselyn started a page on Patreon, with a paid membership, where she is sharing her story.

Excerpts from her story leaked online:


Joyselyn told fans that she plans on revealing new “chapters” about her life with R Kelly, 52, every day. According to her, she is “risking [her] life” because, many of the details she plans on disclosing are covered by non-disclosure agreements.

In her first Patreon blog post, Joyselyn explained how she first met R Kelly at a 2015 concert and how she thought he would help her become a model and a singer.

According to CNN:

Savage begins the post "Where It all Started" with her explanation of how she met Kelly at age 19 and he began to give her gifts, spend money on travel and promise her a music career.

A few months later, she posts, the singer started "giving [her] commands" to call him Master or Daddy and if she didn't obey him, he would raise his voice at her. 

Savage also claims the singer was manipulative. "Robert likes to manipulate whoever he's was in the room with even down to his own assistant. He didn't care, everyone was in it for a check so they didn't care either," she said.