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The bad news keeps on coming for R. Kelly who has been dropped from two more radio stations, this time in North Carolina.

According to WBTV two urban adult contemporary radio stations, WOSF-FM and WBAV-FM, which are located in Charlotte, NC, have decided to remove Kelly from their playlists.

"I just don’t think it’s in the best interest to play R. Kelly - just based on the accusations that have come about - that haven’t been answered for and just for the controversy surrounding it," WOSF-FM operations manager Jeff Anderson told the news station.

"I believe especially the female community. They are up in arms. They don't really want that support there. They expect that we would be a community leader. We are here to serve the community first and foremost - be a voice." 

Unfortunately for Kelly, the #muterkelly movement is only gaining momentum and more radio stations will surely follow.