R. Kelly's attorney Steven Greenberg, got into a heated exchange with a journalist after Greenberg previously stated that all of R. Kelly's accusers were lying.

Kelly, who still remains behind bars, bond was set at $1 million and at a press conference, Greenberg again began to trash the testimonies of Kelly's accusers.

"On one of the cases, there are a number of interviews where the young lady says, 'I lied about how old I was and then recently said, 'Oh no, I lied about lying about how old I was," Greenberg said. 

Journalist, Jim DeRogatis, who has been covering Kelly's alleged crimes for two decades blasted the lawyer for trying to discredit the victim.

"Don’t misquote a victim, Mr. Greenberg. "That's not what she said [...] She was here today. Did you see her tears?" Greenberg said. 

Greenberg then implied that all that DeRogatis' was concerned about was his upcoming book about the Kelly case.

"I don't give a f*ck about selling a single book," DeRogatis responded. "I've talked to that woman, and I've talked to 47 others. I'm not Mr. Avenatti, and I'm not you."

"So let's keep in professional. Don't swear at me," Greenberg said.

Watch Greenberg's full press conference below.