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Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, the girlfriends of disgraced singer R. Kelly, are reportedly running out of money following the star's arrest.

According to TMZ, the girls are usually handed cash by Kelly's staffers, but since his arrest, his team members have skipped out on him, and the ladies are having to fend for themselves.

The ladies shared a video over the weekend to dispel the rumors that they had been kicked out of Trump Towers. TMZ reports that Kelly has paid the rent on the apartment until the end of the year, so they should be fine until then.

Other sources tell TMZ that the ladies helped Kelly by handling bookings and other business matters, and he paid them for it. He also gave them a weekly stipend, and they were able to save much of that cash because he paid for everything anyway - but due to the staffer's absence, they are unable to get their hands on their own cash!!